Valley Cursillo

Early history of Valley Cursillo provided by Pat Stubbs:

Father Chet was instumental in starting adult teachings and prayer groups when he arrived in Charlottesville in 1962.  The present string of offices and meeting rooms of Incarnation Parish was then Holy Comforter Catholic School where I taught with the Dominican nuns from fall 1961-Spring 1964.  Father Chet arrived as pastor of Holy Comforter around 1962 and immediately began a series of adult teachings which revitalized the parish, and neighboring St. Thomas too, which was just a Newman’s Club at the time.

Cursillo-men (1)

Father planned and arranged for the team for the first men’s Cursillo in Virginia.  Pictured with him here are four men from Holy Comforter and St.Thomas during an Ultreya on the steps of the Old Stone Chapel on campus of Incarnation in Spring of 1964, which was then the Branchlands mission church of Holy Comforter Catholic Church.  From left to right are Kendon Stubbs, Bill Hebert, Fr. Chet, Dick Carpenter, and Dick Funk.

My husband thinks that first Cursillo was in 1962 or ’63, and not in Charlottesville, but he can’t remember where.  This group worked as part of the team that put on another Cursillo at Holy Comforter School the next year.

Cursillo-women (1)
We wives made the second women’s Cursillo ever to be held on the east coast in Baltimore, in early 1964.  Pictured with Father, from left to right are Pat Stubbs, Vivian Hebert, Fr. Chet, Barbara Funk, and Joan Carpenter.  We four women were also on the team that helped the next women’s Cursillo in Baltimore in the fall of 1964.   I took the train down from New York City to help the team, since we were away from Charlottesville for two years while my husband was finishing his studies at Columbia University. Happily, we returned to Charlottesville, where we were long-time members of St. Tomas Parish, but stayed in touch with Fr. Chet over the years.

Valley Cursillo Today

Valley Cursillo continues to offer annual Cursillo weekend retreats for women and men who reside in the Valley Region of Central Virginia.  The Cursillo community remains a vibrant source of spiritual nourishment and community fellowship for the hundreds of people who have already experienced their Cursillo weekend.  The community gathers at least 5 times each year for evenings of spiritual reflection, prayer and fun.
The Cursillo weekend is just one weekend, but the joy and richness of sharing one’s spiritual journey as part of the Cursillo community lasts a lifetime.  IF you are interested in learning more, please visit the Valley Cursillo Website.