Jesus at Prayer

Quote from Fr. Chet for May 2015:

Mark tells us (that the next morning), after the successful day of healing in Capernaum, Jesus arose long before dawn.   I can imaging him tiptoeing across the creaky wooden floor, quietly stepping over the sleeping bodies of his companions, and going out into the cool early morning breeze.  It is clear from the gospels that Jesus loved to pray at the top of hills and mountains. So it is easy to picture Jesus swiftly striding up the steep hill behind Peter’s house until he reached the very top.  There he communed with his Heavenly Father for some hours. I wonder what Jesus talked about when he prayed?  What were his thoughts?  No doubt there was much gratitude and praise of God.  There were also prayers of discernment to know the Father’s will. There were prayers of petition for himself and all his loved ones.   Finally, there were prayers of blessing when he called down upon the whole of creation God’s blessing and love and mercy. Then there must have been long periods of quiet when Jesus opened his heart and mind to the Holy Spirit and to Abba, his heavenly Father.  If anyone has the prayer of union with God, we can be sure Jesus had it.

from Monsignor Chester Michael’s booklet, The Human Side of  Jesus,  copyright @ 2001