Monsignor Chester Michael, Nov. 2013 – 97 Years Young

Monsignor Chester Michael

Monsignor Chester Michael, founder of Open Door Ministry and the Spiritual Direction Institute

Monsignor Chester Michael, a Roman Catholic priest since 1942, has a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) from St. Mary’s University in Baltimore, Maryland.  In addition to serving as pastor to four different parishes in Virginia and as a seminary rector, Monsignor Michael devoted a substantial part of his priestly ministry to spiritual direction as director of the Spiritual Renewal Center of Richmond and led numerous retreats and programs throughout Virginia.  He was actively involved as a Spiritual Director in the Cursillo movement of Central Virginia. Prior to his retirement, Monsignor Michael  also founded the Spiritual Direction Institute (SDI) and trained over 500 women and men through the two-year course.    To this day, the Spiritual Direction Institute continues the work of Monsignor Michael training Spiritual Directors in Virginia.

Monsignor Michael has authored numerous publications including: Prayer and Temperament, Different Prayer Forms for Different Personality Types (1991); An Introduction to Spiritual Direction (2004); A New Day (updated 2011); The Human Side of Jesus (currently undergoing updating); A Christian Worldview (2002,2010); and Arise: Jungian Insights for the Christian Journey (updated 2012).  He also wrote numerous essays under the Open Door.   These works will be available on this website in the near future.