Story Behind New Logo for SDI


Beginning this year, Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Direction Institute now has its very own logo, which represents the curriculum of the two year adult formation/spiritual direction program through the lens of the Roman Catholic Tradition.

The Valley Section has started to use the logo for nametags, folders, notebooks etc.  Soon each of our current sections will have permission to use the logo on their class materials as well.  The logo was created for us last fall and was presented to The Open Door Board at its last meeting. 

The logo depicts the 4 Retreat Weekends that frame the two year SDI:

  1. Prayer and Temperament and the MBTI Retreat
  2. The Enneagram Retreat
  3. The Intensive Journal Retreat
  4. The Directed Retreat and Graduation Weekend
  • The segments and open spaces in the logo represent the 50+ Tools presented during the two year SDI course. 
  • The center of the logo portrays Fr. Michael’s use of these modern tools through the lens of the most ancient symbols of our faith:  Chi-Rho: Christ Risen.
  • Christ Crucified is represented by the placement of the nails of the cross at the intervals between the words Spiritual Direction Institute
  • Alpha and Omega: Jesus: -the beginning and the end

When I discussed the need for a logo with Fr. Michael last spring, I suggested that perhaps we should use his name in the logo, to distinguish it from other things named “SDI”.  Perhaps something like  The Spiritual Direction Institute of Chester P. Michael  or the “Chester P Michael Institute for Spiritual Direction”.  He would have none of that, reminding me with his index finger in teacher mode ☺, always and in everything, JESUS is the name with which we focus.  So I tossed out my original sketches and novice attempts at design and sought the help of my youngest son.  And so here we have it: The 50+ tools via the Lens of the Christian tradition. 

Needless to say, I am very proud of this composition which will help folks distinguishes our SDI Program from other resources using those three letters.  Our Logo will identify Fr. Michael’s two year program of adult formation/spiritual direction and help to develop it further in the future.

We hope you like it! 

Patty Huffman

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