Spiritual Direction Institute – Charlottesville – Meeting April 12th

The Charlottesville section of the Spiritual Direction Institute (SDI), established by the late Monsignor Chester Michael in 1989, will hold an informational meeting on Sunday, Apr.12, 2015, from 2-4pm at the Church of the Incarnation in Charlottesville, Va. This 2-year ecumenical adult formation program covers more than 50 tools that enhance our individual spiritual journey and help us accompany others on theirs. Meetings are on the first Saturdays of the month, except summer, with 2 week-end retreats/year. Through group discussions, lectures, personal daily prayer, and study, we cover such topics as the wisdom of the spiritual masters, prayer and temperament, the MBTI, journaling, lectiodivina, personal growth plans, etc. For more information, contact Bev Mirmelstein – bevmirm@gmail.com or call 434-996-9178.