Reflection for September

Taken from the Open Door Jan-March 1994 on HOPE by Monsignor Chester Michael

“We have a great need of the virtue of hope as we seek to overcome the difficulties and the limitations of the here and now.  Its opposites, despair and a negative attitude toward almost everything, have invaded too many of us.  Hope stands in the middle between two extremes (presumption and despair).  Hope is confidence in the mercy and love of God, but it also accepts responsibility for cooperating with God’s saving grace which has been bestowed on us.
Hope is based on our faith convictions regarding God and God’s plans for the human race.  Its degree and intensity is directly dependent upon how deep is our conviction regarding God’s power, God’s wisdom, God’s goodness, God’s love, and God’s faithfulness to His word and promises.  These five faith convictions regarding God do not occur automatically.  We need, first of all, to turn to God and depend upon God to give us the grace and energy to accept them; and we also have to do our part to cooperate with these new insights regarding God.  We need to think about them and reflect upon the different facets of these five truths regarding  God, discuss them with other and finally, choose the option of believing and accepting them wholeheartedly.  Our growth in each of these five convictions is truly and act of divine grace and ultimately a result of our prayer life.”
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