Reflection for November 2015

There is an infinite variety to the possibilities of our experiencing the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  All those who, in one way or another, are united to the Holy Spirit, form a community of persons which is called the Communion of Saints.  Whether these persons are in heaven, purgatory or on earth, they are bound by the closest of all ties — that of the Spirit of God.  Just as the Holy Spirit of Love joins the Father and Son in the Blessed Trinity, this same Spirity united the great brotherhood and sisterhood of Christians throughout the earth to the souls of the just in heaven.  The fellowship that we enjoy in the Communion of Saints is a two-way street.  Through the Holy Spirit, we are able to help others and they, in turn, can help us.
A New Day, by Rev. Msgr. Chester P. Michael S.T.D., page 183