Spiritual Direction Volume 1 by Monsignor Chester Michael


In Spiritual Direction, Volume 1, Msgr. Chester Michael describes why spiritual direction is important and who might benefit from the practice.  He also outlines the qualities of a good spiritual director and discusses the role the Holy Spirit in Spiritual Direction.  Further, Msgr. Michael presents a discussion on the sacraments as sources of Grace, using the bible as prayer and varying levels of faith.  This audio CD is an excellent resource for practicing spiritual director but also provides an outline for someone who might be interested in personal spiritual direction.  This product includes 12 half-hour talks which are MP3 audio files which are downloaded upon purchase.

  • Why spiritual direction
  • What is spiritual direction
  • Qualities of a good spiritual director
  • Qualities to encourage in the directee
  • Openness to the Holy Spirit
  • Obstacles to Grace
  • Sacraments as sources of Grace
  • Sacrament of Penance
  • Using the Bible as Prayer
  • Practice the Presence of God
  • Rule of Life for Christians
  • Seven Levels of Faith


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