Prayer & Temperament


In this audio, Msgr. Chet Michaels provides in depth discussion on different types of prayers and how they are affected by individual temperament types based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.   These prayer types and individual temperament types are more fully discussed in Msgr. Michael and Marie Norrisey’s book, Prayer and Temperament, 1991.  (This book is available on Amazon)  The audio discusses Lectio Divina, Ignatian Prayer, Augustian Prayer, Tomistic Prayer, Franciscan Prayer and Liturgical Prayer.  “By practicing all of the methods of prayers,one will discover the particular method or methods that best fit one’s temperament and personality.   The recommendation is that one should use all types of prayer to create a proper balance in our prayer life and in our relationship with God.”  Adapted from Prayer and Temperament, 1991, Michael and Norrisey.  This product includes 6 one-hour talks which are MP3 audio files which are downloaded upon purchase.

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