Beatitudes & Sermon on The Mount (CM-2)


In this audio, Msgr. Chet Michaels discusses each of “the eight best beatitudes that describe the worldview of Jesus.”  With each of the beatitudes, he provides a modern interpretation that “gives us the model one needs to follow as disciples of Jesus Christ.”  This is “the way we must try to live our life on earth.”  He further shares his belief that “the beatitudes are paradoxical with truth that flies in the face of conventional wisdom, yet they give a practical method for shaping our lives and destinies into the holiness and wholeness we long for and seek.”   Quotes adapted from – A Christian Worldview, Rev. Msgr.Chester P. Michael, S.T.D. 2002  This product includes 12 half-hour talks which are MP3 audio files which are downloaded upon purchase.

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