Message for Easter & April

(extracted from “A New Day” by Reverend Monsignor Chester P. Michael S.T.D.)

“During the Easter cycle, we renew the events of our redemption as first experienced by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago.  Through our devout participation in the liturgy of Holy Week and the Pascal Season, these events of the past are made present so that we can share in them.  If we are in tune with the liturgy, we will experience a real death in our life of sin and evil attachments during Lent and Holy Week.  During the great service of the Easter Vigil we will go through a personal resurrection of grace in the solemn proclamation of Christ’s resurrection.  We will also take part by anticipation in the future events of our own death and the glorious resurrection from the dead.  These events happen to us through faith, but it does not mean that it is unreal.  Only those can understand who have actually tasted the joy and happiness of an encounter with the living Christ during a liturgical celebration.”