March 2016 Reflection

March 2016 reflection on Msgr Chester Michael by Steven Ham

In contemplating a reflection for this month, I sought to find a link to our Year of Mercy. For me, Fr Chet was mercy personified. As I developed a relationship with Fr Chet I was in awe of his ability to avoid and overcome opportunities to be judgmental. I had always struggled with a judgmental instinct, so this was another area of silent mentoring that Fr offered me through spiritual direction, SDI, and numerous retreats.

I found a link in “Arise: A Christian Psychology of Love” at chapter 14, The Price of Love.

“Of all the key moments that occur during our lifetime, those that strike the closest to home, cause the most suffering, and present the most problems are the crises in the extension of friendship and love to others. Success or failure in developing wholeness is dependent to a large extent on our response in personal encounters where a loving approach or loving service is indicated.”

Wow! This paragraph cast the Year of Mercy, and our personal need for merciful acts, in a whole new light for me. I had not fully appreciated the connection between our decision to be merciful with our progress toward wholeness (and holiness). Thanks, Fr Chet.