Fr. Chet’s Message February 2015

Excerpt from A New Day, page 113

Our Response of Faith to God’s Call

The first and most necessary disposition for a fruitful reception of the sacraments is faith.  Faith means the acceptance of God and God’s will as the guiding light of our life.  It entails a total blind commitment of our will to the will of God.  Faith is a new incarnation — a new union of God and humanity upon earth.  As the first incarnation was possible only when Mary freely consented to God’s proposal, so faith is born only when we freely choose to respond generously to God’s call of love.  Every act of faith is the result of the free choice of both God and ourselves; one without the other is never able to give us faith.  God’s apart in faith comes through helping grace, showered upon every person who comes into this world.  St. Paul assures us that God wishes “all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (I Tim 2:4)