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Founder Monsignor Chet Michael

Founder Monsignor Chet Michael

In the Fall of 2012,  The Open Door Board, along with Honorary Chair and Founder,Monsignor Chester Michael updated its mission and purpose:  To advance the work of Monsignor Chester Michael and to enhance the spiritual growth of people.  To that end, three areas of interest were identified:

Communications and Publications:  Support the publications, marketing and distribution of the books, writings and lectures of Fr. Michael.  Also, to establish a website and social media presence to share the works of Fr. Michael.

Spiritual Direction Institute Ministry (SDI)  Continue with the planning, coordinating and teaching of the two-year SDI program in Spiritual Direction established by Fr. Michael over 25 years ago and to offer additional opportunities for spiritual growth through lectures, workshops and retreats.

Advancement:  The focal point for concepts and ideas to continue the work of the Open Door as identified by Fr. Michael:  including Catholic Relief Services, Comboni Missionary Sister of Richmond, VA, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Haiti Missions, Charlottesville Catholic School, and the Monsignor Chester P. Michael Professorship of Catholic Studies at Virginia Tech.

Current members of the Open Door Board include Officers and Directors appointed by Fr. Michael.  Subsequent appointments will be made as follows:  Members will be recruited from the community based on their interest in advancing the work of spiritual growth and spiritual direction.


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