A Christian World View

A Christian Worldview

This book discusses the different aspects of a Christian worldview applicable to the times in which we live today, including the events of September 11, 2001. Any valid worldview must attempt to discern God’s plan for the human race as well as God’s plan for each of us.

Msgr. Michael contrasts three different Christian worldviews which he calls the Ptolemaic, Copernican and Einsteinian. In simple terms, these may be described as the Pre-Vatican II worldview, the Post-Vatican II worldview, and the new worldview that appears to be evolving. Not only does Msgr. Michael describe the variety of common worldviews, but the bulk of this book helps one move toward the worldview of Jesus.

A Christian Worldview is a follow-up volume to A Guide Book for Spiritual Direction and Adult Religious Education. It covers approximately one-third of the material used in the two-year training course of the Spiritual Direction Institute (SDI). It includes a bibliography of related books, and an index of key terms & concepts.


“For those who accept [the co-relational model] the only absolutes are such relationships as love, truth, justice, freedom. They are unwilling to admit that natures and substances are absolutely unchanging. This model sees everything on earth, including the Church, as part of an evolutionary process of growth and change from a less perfect to a more perfect stage … The primary concern is not so much the kind of church structure that Jesus Christ established or that was created by the Christians of the first and second centuries, but what is the structure that will best foster the establishment of good relationships of love, justice, truth and freedom among the people of today.”

“Those accepting the co-relationship model are interested not in the Church as such, nor in some future Kingdom of God upon earth, but in how we can best create, preserve, and increase love, truth, justice, freedom in the ‘here and now’ situation on earth.”

Table of Contents

  • Worldview
  • Self-Preservation and Survival
  • Modern Demons and their Antidotes
  • Beatitudes
  • Mission of Christ, Mission of the Church
  • God’s Plan for the Human Race
  • Using the Bible in Prayer
  • Celebrating the Covenant at Eucharist
  • Sacrament of Penance for Adults
  • Openness to the Holy Spirit
  • Little Way of Spiritual Childhood
  • Law of Polarity: Maintaining Balance in Life
  • Seven Truths Leading to Life
  • Dreams and their Significance
  • Healing Ministry
  • Journey of Faith
  • What to Begin?

Msgr. Chester P. Michael




Publication Date:
February 2002

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